Thursday, December 18, 2008

GITMO is going to be closed, Now what?

The liberals finally got there dream of closing the detention center in Guantanamo bay Cuba, or as Senator Dick Durbin called it the "Gulag" at Guantanamo bay. Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, has his eyes set on a plan that would close GITMO within two years. Gates, knowing that the incumbent president Obama wants to close GITMO once and for all is getting an early jump on the closure of the facility to please his future boss. The obvious question is were do we put 250 well trained taliban fighters if GITMO is closed?

If its up to the far left we would give them Harvard trained lawyers and all the constitutional rights of a common American criminal. but i don't think that the Obama administration is that stupid, but the question still remains, were do we put these terrorists because the problem isn't going away.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama's phony bipartisanship.

Well, it seems that President elect Obama wants to appoint a republican to his administration to keep the facade of a bipartisan and Open minded government. but even if he dose appoint a republican ,and i stress if, it will no doubt be a RINO republican like chuck hagle among others. Chuck Hagels name has been batted around, and dick luger has also been considered, and lets not forget our good friend Colin Powell who would be perfect for the sort of republican window dressing Obama wants.

If Obama dose appoint a RINO republican then it will give Obama a big boost. The media will praise him for a bipartisan administration and most of America who are not paying attention will buy into the phony gesture. Hopefully most conservatives will see this for what it is especially if he appoints Chuck Hagel. Obama is a smooth operator and appointing a liberal republican will be just what he needs to boost his image, we just need to expose him on his shell game.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rebound, Refocus and reenergize!!!!!

It has been a tough week for conservatives with a convincing win for Barack Obama and a gain for the Democrats in the house and the senate. Although it could have been worse,(we got prop 8 passed, and the dems didn't get a super majority) it was still a rough week for conservatives.

The big question on everybody mind is where does conservatism go from here after such a sweeping victory from the far-left of the Democratic Party? Well, my prescription for the problem is to Re-bound, Re-focus, and Re-energize.

Conservatives need to first Re-bound by not throwing a pity party for themselves. We need to keep a stiff upper lip and realize that the future will be good for conservatives if we stick to our principles. The future will be bright with people like Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin who are more than able to carry the conservative torch. So In order to rebound we have to have faith in our future and the people that lead our future.

Conservatives also need to re-focus on the message of Reagan, small government, strong defense, and conservative social policies, then we need to apply them to the modern political environment. We need to remind people that small government and low taxes increase revenue for the country. We need to remind people that we have enemies that wish to do us harm, and we don't need to run from the conservative social policies that most Americans agree with.

The final thing we need to do is to re-energize the conservative movement with people like Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, and even Mitt Romney, and Mike Pence (who is a congressman from Indiana). A mixture of strong leadership and rock solid conservative principles will propel us to the top again. We also must re-energize by not being demoralized. Yes, we lost, but the future looks good if we stick to our principles and have strong leadership.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chevy Chase admits SNL is a left wing show.

Maybe we should think twice before watching SNL!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

"WARNING" don’t believe the exit polls tomorrow!

I can almost guarantee everyone reading this post that the early exit polls tomorrow will heavily favour Obama in the same way that they favored John Kerry in 2004. The McCain camp sent out an email today that warned of the same thing.

Exit polls are taken after a person votes in a survey from and historically have benefited democrats in the results. This is especially true this year with Barack Obama and the enthusiasm that the left has for him. So expect a good lead for Obama in the exit polls and most importantly IGNORE THEM. Get out and vote and don't be discouraged; the only numbers that matter are the counted votes and that wont be fully counted until tomorrow night. So relax and enjoy your day,and pray for McCain, he's gonna need it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only one week to go!

This has been a long election year, and we are finally down to the wire with only one week to go until the day of reckoning. On that day there is a distinct possibility that we could get one of the most far-left presidents in American history named Barack Obama, and conservatives need to be ready and prepared for that. but unlike the New Mexico Sun news paper who declared Obama the winner already; i think this election is not over till its over, and McCain has a good chance at a win.

Excluding Iowa and New Mexico if McCain wins all of the states that Bush won in 2004 then Hello president McCain. He could also pull off an upset in Pennsylvania, and that would clinch an election victory for him. Either way McCain has options even though the unreliable polls have him as the underdog.

So for all of you conservatives out there one week out from this historical election, don't get discouraged,Don't buy everything you see or hear in the Mainstream media ,and come election day get out there and VOTE,VOTE,VOTE!