Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama's phony bipartisanship.

Well, it seems that President elect Obama wants to appoint a republican to his administration to keep the facade of a bipartisan and Open minded government. but even if he dose appoint a republican ,and i stress if, it will no doubt be a RINO republican like chuck hagle among others. Chuck Hagels name has been batted around, and dick luger has also been considered, and lets not forget our good friend Colin Powell who would be perfect for the sort of republican window dressing Obama wants.

If Obama dose appoint a RINO republican then it will give Obama a big boost. The media will praise him for a bipartisan administration and most of America who are not paying attention will buy into the phony gesture. Hopefully most conservatives will see this for what it is especially if he appoints Chuck Hagel. Obama is a smooth operator and appointing a liberal republican will be just what he needs to boost his image, we just need to expose him on his shell game.


Gayle said...

I heard he may keep the present Secretary of defense, Robert Gates, as Secretary of defense.

NEO, SOC said...

He ha flipped his script very quickly but no one is saying anything!!!