Monday, November 3, 2008

"WARNING" don’t believe the exit polls tomorrow!

I can almost guarantee everyone reading this post that the early exit polls tomorrow will heavily favour Obama in the same way that they favored John Kerry in 2004. The McCain camp sent out an email today that warned of the same thing.

Exit polls are taken after a person votes in a survey from and historically have benefited democrats in the results. This is especially true this year with Barack Obama and the enthusiasm that the left has for him. So expect a good lead for Obama in the exit polls and most importantly IGNORE THEM. Get out and vote and don't be discouraged; the only numbers that matter are the counted votes and that wont be fully counted until tomorrow night. So relax and enjoy your day,and pray for McCain, he's gonna need it.

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NEO, SOC said...

Well, the worst is yet to come!!!