Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another bold move by McCain, but will it work?

John McCain in a speech today said that he will be suspending his campaign for now to go back to Washington and help with the financial crisis. He also said that the debate on Friday should be postponed, but will this move hurt or help the senator in the long run.

If McCain goes to Washington and gets something done with the bailout legislation or another variation of the legislation then he will come out ahead and could overtake Obama in the polls again. If it turns out to be a big fight up on capital hill and nothing gets done then it will have the opposite effect and hurt McCain considerably. McCain and Obama were on the sidelines during most of the financial crisis the last couple of weeks ,and McCain has just thrust himself in the middle of it, this move could make or break him.

The one thing that McCain must do is to go to the debate on Friday no matter what. People have been anticipating this debate, and there will be a lot of people disappointed if they don't get a debate on Friday. If he misses the debate it will also look like he is trying to avoid it, and McCain doesn't need that; Not with the polls as they stand now.

Today's move is a double edged sword for McCain, and in the end only time will tell if it was the right decision.

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