Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The new battleground states.

In 2000 the battle ground states were Ohio and Florida, and in 2004 it was mainly Ohio, but this year there are numerous battle ground states. With the exception of Iowa for Obama, i don't think that you will see a lot of states flip to the other side, obama will not get Ohio or Virginia, and i don't think that McCain will get Pennsylvania or Michigan.

The states to watch out for are Colorado and new Mexico, these states are going to be the Florida and Ohio of 2008. With obama flipping Iowa, if he wins both of these states he will be the next president, and polls show that he is doing well in them. If McCain keeps just one of these states all else being equal and he retains the states that bush won in 2004 then McCain is the next president. Like bush did in 2000 McCain can afford to lose Iowa and still win. So my prediction is that the big states to look for are Colorado and New Mexico, they are going to be the king makers in this election.

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