Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin is supa dupa FLY!

Sarah Palin is a revolution all unto herself, she has shook things up more than most people could have imagined just a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks ago who would have imagined a woman being picked to be on a vice presidential ticket after Hillary had been passed up.

Two weeks ago who would have imagined that the John McCain ticket would have created so much enthusiasm among conservatives, and all republicans for that matter. And who would have imagined that after the soaring speech that Barack Obama gave, the republican vice presidential candidate would have nearly equalled him in the ratings, and that John McCain ,who is not known for his speeches, would have received HIGHER ratings than Obama on his speech.

Who would imagine that the media would be so blatant in there liberal attacks on this accomplished Governor of the state of Alaska, a woman that stood up to oil companies and corrupt politicians and lived to tell about it. Yes this is going to be a very interesting election and with Sarah Palin on the ticket, it is going to be historic on both sides.

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