Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Left wants privacy, except for Sarah Palin's emails.

In a move that only Fidel Castro and other socialist dictators would be proud of, a Left wing hacker has broken into Sarah Palins private email and posted it on a left wing blog. The situation is under investigation by the FBI and the secret service and hopefully the culprit will be prosecuted. Thankfully, the info that was posted about Sarah Palin is not damaging, at least politically .

It seems that the same left wingers that want terrorists to have civil rights and have complained that bush is wire taping everyone don't seem to have the same concerns about Sarah Palins civil rights, or any other conservative for that matter. I think this is just a snapshot of what the far left will do if they get into power in 2009.

The mainstream media is not too concerned about this invasion of her private emails either. It should be front-page news, but again we are dealing with a corrupt left wing media. I'm pretty sure if Barack Obamas email had been broken into the media would be crying Watergate and try to link it to John McCain.

McCain and Palin are really up against it, a corrupt media, and a rabid left wing democrat machine that will do anything to get into power. It is up to talk radio and Conservative bloggers to stem the tide against these to patriots McCain and Palin.

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