Monday, September 15, 2008

The Election as it stands Today.

So where are we in the 2008 race today, only 50 days away from a history making election? After the drop in the stock market today, and the amazing rise of the McCain campaign from mediocre to even with Obama in the polls, where are we? Well the race is like one might expect a dead even neck and neck tie, at least for now.

I would have said that McCain is slightly ahead if we didn't have the wall street hit today with merrill lynch and Lehman Brothers going under. I think that this will have a slightly negative effect on the republicans, but not too much with McCain the maverick at the helm.

McCain has done what a lot of people thought was impossible, he has pulled dead even with Obama after Obamas widely praised speech and in a political environment that favors democrats to a large degree.

During the debates is when we will see one of these candidates pull away with a lead. I have a feeling that this election is not going to be as close as a lot of people suspect, at least in the popular vote. So right now we are in a dead heat for the white house and it is only going to get more interesting with the mad dash in the last 50 days.

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