Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNL hits Sarah Palin hard.

When Sarah Palin burst on to the scene the media had a field day making fun of this conservative, pro-life, small town woman from Alaska. Attacking in the most crude, sexist, and personal way you could imagine. From making up stories of her daughter carrying her child on the daily kos, to Matt Damon dismissing her as a simple hockey mom, she has had to deal with a lot of flack.

The newest installment of attacks on Sarah Palin were on SNL last night. The opening monologue had Tina fay playing a dimwitted Sarah Palin, and Amy Poehler playing a lamenting Hillary Cinton holding a joint press conference together. In the weekend update part of the show it had constant attacks on her percived lack of experience, and had Bill Hader playing a Alaska native explaining why he likes Palin; Of course he was portrayed as a country yokel without a clue. This is stuff that Barack Obama never had to deal with.

The media is just digging its own grave with the people of America, and it's not going to hurt Sarah Palin or john McCain it's only going to help them. The medias rabid contempt for the average American in the heartland is spilling over, and people are starting to see it in a way they never have before. The media is going to get a backlash that they will never recover from, so maybe there is a silver lining to all the attacks on Palin.

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