Sunday, October 19, 2008

A letter to Colin Powell!

Well, General Powell, you have endorsed Barack Obama, and I'm still scratching my head as to why you would do such a thing. How could you possibly support the most liberal senator and his VP the third most liberal senator on the heels of democrats possibly getting a supermajority in the congress? How could you support a man that has associations with William Ayers,Reverend Wright,ACORN and who was endorsed by Louis Farrakhan? How could you support a man with such a thin resume, a one term senator with no record of accomplishment, a man with no military experience or executive experience? How could you support a man that looks down on small town Americans calling them bitter and clinging to guns and religion? How could you support a man who's political machine smears a hard working American, a Plumber by the name of Joe? How could you support a man that wants to sit down without preconditions with Holocaust deniers and socialist dictators? How could you support a man that wants to raise the Americans peoples taxes and plummet this country into more debit?

I just have one last Question for you General Powell, how could you?


Conservative said...

Off subject, but I'd like to talk about Colin Powell for a bit.. Some ask was his endorsement about race?
Ofcourse it's about race. Look, a black comes first even if it's for a socialist. Does Powell care about what the (he, Obama) wants to do is penalize people for being SUCCESSFUL. Yes I am SUCCESSFUL and I became that way from working hard, working lots of hours, going to collage and learning how to be SUCCESSFUL. I am what I consider to be comfortably wealthy and I enjoy the fine things in live and want to do the best that I can for my family.. That is why I worked so hard for. NOT to help out as you call them and I agree ““CRACK HEADS”” Yes, people that sit on their ass’’s looking for hand outs for the likes of a MARXIST CREEP like Obama. As well as ACORN, and whoever else the Obama campaign/DNC paid to register people.
I’’m inclined to distrust EVERY claim of Obama And EVERYTHING he says Given Obama’’s history (e.g. caucuses, intimidation, fraud conventions and delegate stealing even before the convention, contributions, and more importantly his associations ) it’’s almost believable that he is where he is today. And that shows the stupidly of the people... And since the Democrats accept the BS that he has slung around at will, who’’s to know what is and isn’’t real?
Let them eat cake, and let them eat crack. Let the crack head go screw himself! I’’ll donate MY money if and when I please too. I don’’t need no stinken Obama to tell me what to do with MY money.. I already pay enough in taxes and I will shut my business, before I give my hard earned money to some LAZY crack head who doesn’’t work and doesn’’t pay taxes. That’’ the kind of narrow-sighted thinking that the left thrives on.
Where ever there are lies, cheaters, deceit, felenonies committed, Obama is attached to the organization. Is this who America wants for President. People that support Obama have no shame or respect for their country.
I truly feel sorry for all of the people in this country that don’’t have enough pride, and interest in our country and it’’s future to get informed. We will all pay dearly for this ignorance and laziness. Iam not saying that McCain does not have his faults but at least his goal is the same as most of ours- He loves this country and will do whatever he thinks is best to better the country. Shame on all of you that are willing ot risk this country on SOCIALIST like Obama

NEO, SOC said...

Colon Powell is just as liberal as Obama. We have tolerated that troll for far too long!!!!