Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ohio secretary of state website hacked.

Jennifer brunner, the Secretary of state for Ohio, reported that the state website was hacked so it was partially shut down. It is not known if any confidential information have been taken from the site as of now, but an investigation is under way. The site won't be fully functional until the investigation is finished. but Before we start feeling sorry For Jennifer Brunner, we should take into account that she recently admitted that 200,000 voter registrations could possibly be fraudulent citing some of the info in the registration records don't match. In spite of this possible voter fraud, she has been fighting the state GOP and recently won in the supreme court regarding the 200'000 possibly fraudulent registrations. So this means that the state of Ohio doesn't need to update there voter registration, or check the voter information to guard against voter fraud. It looks like this is the mess you get when Democrats take control. God help us on November 4!

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