Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah stopped the downward spiral. Thank God!

Sarah Palin did her job and stopped the downward spiral that the McCain camp was facing. She delivered, and she proved once again that she was just the right pick for the VP slot with last nights performance in the debate.

She was able to relate to the people on a personal level and to connect with everyday Americans in a way that left Joe Biden in the dust. She proved that she had enough knowledge with the issues to go toe to toe with Joe Biden, but still remain a fresh face and one that is not entrenched with inside Washington politics. Most importantly there were no gaffes or blunders and she wiped away some of the recent interviews that did not go so well.

Now is up to McCain in the debate on Tuesday to go on the attack and to put a little fire in his belly. Palin can't carry the ticket alone its up to McCain to step up.

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