Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maybe the Obama machine isn't so efficient.

Early voting in Ohio from September 30 to October 6 did not yield the results that were expected. This window for early voting included people that would register the same day as they cast there ballot. It was expected that possibly hundreds of thousands of people would be a part of the early voting, and everybody thought that Obama was going to have an army of young people and homeless to line up to vote for the change giving Obama.

Well it wasn't an army, it was closer to a division, only 28'000 turned out to vote in the early voting. Maybe the Obama machine is not as well oiled as we once thought. Maybe those young voters won't show up after all. With Obama having such high expectations of motivating people this news dose not bode well for him. It is also true that McCain did not get votes out either, but Obama is depending on getting the new voter out in order for him to win.

This Ohio early voting news is significant, and it is one ray of sunshine in a lot of darkness for McCain in the last couple of weeks.


Khaki Elephant said...

And given media coverage, it's hard to tell just how dark things really are. I have a feeling that this thing is much closer than the hacks at NBC would have us believe, and this bit of news just reinforces that.

Gayle said...

Good news??? It's been so long since I heard any it's hard to believe, Johnnnny!

Thanks! :)

Gayle said...

Johnny, I just heard on the news that in Indianapolis, IN,105% of their population registered to vote! ACORN again. They say they aren't going to count the ACORN votes yet, but check all other registered voters first. I believe they ought to throw out all votes submitted by ACORN. The crooks are trying to steal the election. Those votes should be dismissed, period!

NEO, SOC said...

I live here in Indianapolis and I am trying to understand how 33K more people can show up in one (1) year. Hello? We have too many GM plants out here to draw anything. It gets worse. In northern Indiana near Gary they are having the same problem.