Saturday, October 18, 2008

The polls are tightening folks!

Obama had better think twice before measuring those white house curtains! Recent polls show a tightening race, a Gallup poll of likely voters (traditional) has it at 49 Obama/47 McCain, and another Gallup poll of likely voter (expanded) has it at 50 Obama/46 McCain. Zogby has it at 47.8 Obama/45.1 McCain, and zogby hasn’t had Obama up by more than 6.2 points in the last 8 days. So a bit of good news, it's not over yet.

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Gayle said...

Well, thanks for that, Johnnnny! I've visited far to many conservative blogs where it looks like they're throwing in the towel. It's definitely not over yet although if you listen to the television pundits you would think it was. That's exactly what they want us to think. They try to discourage us so that we'll conclude that we don't have a chance so why bother to vote? Over my dead body! I'd drag myself to the voting booth this year if I had to crawl there on all fours!