Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only one week to go!

This has been a long election year, and we are finally down to the wire with only one week to go until the day of reckoning. On that day there is a distinct possibility that we could get one of the most far-left presidents in American history named Barack Obama, and conservatives need to be ready and prepared for that. but unlike the New Mexico Sun news paper who declared Obama the winner already; i think this election is not over till its over, and McCain has a good chance at a win.

Excluding Iowa and New Mexico if McCain wins all of the states that Bush won in 2004 then Hello president McCain. He could also pull off an upset in Pennsylvania, and that would clinch an election victory for him. Either way McCain has options even though the unreliable polls have him as the underdog.

So for all of you conservatives out there one week out from this historical election, don't get discouraged,Don't buy everything you see or hear in the Mainstream media ,and come election day get out there and VOTE,VOTE,VOTE!

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Saved American said...

I voted today and did want I could. It is in God's hands now.